Produced under gmp standards and made in Canada, our products literally speak for themselves and have been tested and approved by athletes in many disciplines such as cross-fit, mma, baseball, football and others.


As a company, we go the extra mile before releasing any of our powder mixes by running them through multiple blind tasting tests to make sure you actually also get the best tasting product on the market. We believe that nutritional supplements should taste just as good as the nutritional value they provide your body and we stand by this.


The bottom line is that Muscle Global doesn’t skimp on quality, taste and nutritional value and we believe this make all the difference in the world – the Muscle Global difference. Join our global revolution and find our products in your nearest supplement store or warehouse.



With a Muscle Global product, you are getting a top of the line athletic nutritional supplement that focuses on providing you ultimate performance for your money.




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We are a young, energetic company with a single purpose. To bring you the best possible health supplements on the market for your dollar.

We strongly believe that our products will actually bring you a better quality of life. With just a bit of determination, will, hard work and the addition of our products: you can have the body and mind that you've always wanted. It's time for the Muscle Global Revolution.

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We are currently looking for motivated dealers and resellers to stock our products.

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